About Manny Languasco

Best Seller Author

Manny has challenged all chances to turn into a global example of overcoming adversity. From humble beginnings to today, as the Senior Global Director of Operations for a worldwide enterprise. He is in charge of the activities of more than 1,700 eateries all around. His voyage will astonish you. His message will move you. Furthermore, his life exercises will inspire you to change and make progress in every aspect of your own and expert life. Manny is the single offspring of an uneducated single parent in the Dominican Republic. Growing up he had practically nothing. With the motivation and direction of a few coaches, he began the adventure to change his life and has since accomplished inconceivable expert and individual achievement.

In 2001, in the wake of arriving at a degree of accomplishment in his local Dominican Republic, he found that he was not fulfilled and was aching for additional. He chose to begin once again, and went out on a limb an and landed in the United States as an illicit outsider. He was brimming with dreams and the craving for a superior life, for himself as well as for his family.


Manny Languasco

His first night in the United States, Manny would wind up compelled to rest in a dumpster territory. It was at that time, he immediately understood that accomplishing the “fantasy” would demonstrate significantly more troublesome than initially suspected. The numerous difficulties confronting a non-English talking, unlawful foreigner appeared to be unfavorable. Drawing on internal quality and sheer assurance, he went from destitute and broke, to the CEO of his own multi-million dollar business in only four brief years.

While at the tallness of achievement in 2007, life took an unforeseen turn, by and by. He made a trip back to the Dominican Republic, stressed over his mom and attempting to pick up lucidity on ongoing occasions. What he found was beyond what he could persevere. Manny ended up in a serious misery, and during this dim period stripped himself of all that he had buckled down to accomplish. He evacuated his family and moved to one of the most wrongdoing ridden urban areas in America, and monetarily had nearly wound up in a real predicament.

It required some investment, yet with steadiness and the help of his significant other and youngsters, Manny figured out how to beat his downturn and by and by started the troublesome voyage to modify and hoist his life. As he had done previously, he began at the base, as a general director in a Burger King café. In under 5 years, Manny would drive a fleeting ascent from café chief to Senior Global Director of a worldwide company.

With his dynamic character and infectious eagerness, Manny has guided several people. He isn’t a college alum, however, has had the option to join the exercises gained from his voyage with the sharp understanding given by his tutors, to savor the mind-boggling levels of accomplishment that he has accomplished, in all parts of life.

With enthusiasm and inflexible assurance, Manny is devoted to improving the lives of everybody he experiences. As an amazing speaker and with demonstrated methodologies to help change lives, he enraptures his group of spectators and motivates individuals from varying backgrounds to totally hoist their lives, accomplish their objectives and try to achieve the impossible.