Learn to master and identify the barriers that are preventing you from achieving success at work and in life. Wake up to your true potential.


Discover how a “growth” mindset can enable you to face the challenges that arise and push you to reach levels you never imagined existed. Growth shapes great people into great leaders.


Apply the provided strategies to achieve unparalleled success and reach absolute elevation in both your personal and professional life.

About Manny Languasco

Sr. Global Director of Operations

Manny Languasco is the Sr. Global Director of Operations of a Global Corporation. He is responsible for over 1,700 restaurants globally. He is a captivating and powerful speaker that has inspired others through his incredible message. Manny comes from very humble beginnings, having been raised in the Dominican Republic. Needless to say growing up he had very little, but with the guidance and inspiration of his mentors, he has transformed his life and started the amazing journey to achieving incredible professional and personal success. In 2001, full of dreams for a better life, he took a leap of faith and came to the United States. He was an illegal immigrant, unable to speak English, with only $350 to his name. Within a very short span, he went from homeless and broke, to the CEO of his own multi million dollar business.



Drawing from the concepts in his book, The Power of Discomfort, Manny shares experiences and strategies to help others realize professional and personal success.


  • Be Uncomfortable and Achieve your Goals
  • Master your Strengths, so others Ignore your Weakness
  • Never Give up your Dreams
  • Anything is Possible
  • Influence


  • Impact 360

Action Points

  • Learn proven strategies that will jumpstart your life and career to achieve Absolute Elevation

  • Learn to achieve excellence to make better decisions which will lead to greater opportunities and Absolute Elevate

  • Learn how to change your inner monologue to make better decisions which will lead to greater opportunity and  Absolute Elevate your life

  • There is no decision without consequence. Learn how to achieve absolute elevation in your life and career

Manny "Lives" the Lessons

Taking examples from his life of incredible hardships and unprecedented successes, Manny’s lessons teach the way to personal and professional fulfillment. He has dedicated his life to helping others by offering guidance and mentorship, and by providing self development strategies.

From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise as Senior Global Director of a global corporation, he affects the lives of everyone he encounters. Manny has created a legacy of success not only in his own life but in the life of countless others. His journey will inspire you, as he connects with others in a powerful way that motivates them to achieve Absolute Elevation in their lives.


Manny Languasco