Figure out how to ace and recognize the hindrances that are keeping you from making progress at work and throughout everyday life. Wake up to your actual potential.


Find how a “development” outlook can empower you to confront the difficulties that emerge and push you to arrive at levels you never envisioned existed. Development shapes incredible individuals into extraordinary pioneers.


Apply the gave techniques to make unmatched progress and arrive at outright height in both your own and expert life.

About Manny Languasco

Sr. Worldwide Director of Operations

Manny Languasco is the Sr. Worldwide Director of Operations of a Global Corporation. He oversees more than 1,700 cafés all around. He is a spellbinding and amazing speaker that has enlivened others through his mind-blowing message. Manny originates from exceptionally humble beginnings, having been brought up in the Dominican Republic. Obviously growing up he had practically nothing, yet with the direction and motivation of his tutors, he has changed his life and begun the astounding voyage to accomplishing unimaginable expert and individual achievement. In 2001, loaded with dreams for a superior life, he went out on a limb an and went to the United States. He was an unlawful outsider, unfit to communicate in English, with just $350 to his name. Inside a limited ability to focus, went from destitute and broke, to the CEO of his own multimillion-dollar business.


Top of the Line Book

Drawing from the ideas in his book, The Power of Discomfort, Manny offers encounters and procedures to help other people acknowledge proficient and individual achievement.


Keep Calm and Attain your Ambition

Ace your qualities, so others disregard your shortcoming

The sky is the limit

Never Surrender Your Fantasies

Impact on Personality


  • Impact 360

Operational Plans

  • Learn demonstrated procedures that will kick off your life and profession to accomplish Absolute Elevation

  • Figure out how to accomplish perfection to settle on better choices which will prompt more noteworthy chances and Absolute Elevate

  • Figure out how to change your inward monolog to settle on better choices which will prompt more noteworthy chance and Absolute Elevate your life

  • There is no choice without outcome. Figure out how to accomplish total rise in your life and vocation

Models in Life of Manny

Taking models from his life of inconceivable hardships and uncommon triumphs, Manny’s exercises show the best approach to individual and expert satisfaction. He has committed his life to help other people by offering direction and mentorship, and by giving self-advancement techniques.

From his unassuming beginnings to his transient ascent as Senior Global Director of a worldwide partnership, he influences the lives of everybody he experiences. Manny has made a heritage of achievement in his own life as well as in the life of incalculable others. His adventure will rouse you, as he interfaces with others in a ground-breaking way that propels them to accomplish Absolute Elevation in their lives.

Transition lives when self-aware and aware of personal and professional development

Manny Languasco