About Manny Languasco

Best Seller Author

Manny has defied all odds to become an international success story. From very humble beginnings to today, as the Senior Global Director of Operations for a global corporation. He is responsible for the operations of over 1,700 restaurants globally. His journey will amaze you. His message will inspire you. And his life lessons will motivate you to change and achieve success in all areas of your personal and professional life. Manny is the only child of an uneducated single mother in the Dominican Republic. Growing up he had very little. With the inspiration and guidance of several mentors, he started the journey to transform his life and has since achieved incredible professional and personal success.

In 2001, after reaching a level of success in his native Dominican Republic, he found that he was not satisfied and was longing for more. He decided to start over, and took a leap of faith and arrived in the United States as an illegal immigrant. He was full of dreams and the desire for a better life, not only for himself but for his family.


Manny Languasco

His first night in the United States, Manny would find himself forced to sleep in a dumpster area. It was in that moment, he quickly realized that achieving the “dream” would prove much more difficult than originally thought. The many challenges facing a non-English speaking, illegal immigrant seemed insurmountable.  Drawing on inner strength and sheer determination, he went from homeless and broke, to the CEO of his own multi-million dollar business in just four short years.

While at the height of success in 2007, life took an unexpected turn, once again. He traveled back to Dominican Republic, worried about his mother and trying to gain clarity on recent events. What he discovered was more than he could endure. Manny found himself in a severe depression, and during this dark period divested himself of all that he had worked so hard to achieve. He uprooted his family and moved to one of the most crime-ridden cities in America, and financially had almost hit rock bottom.

It took some time, but with perseverance and the support of his wife and children, Manny managed to overcome his depression and once again began the difficult journey to rebuild and elevate his life. As he had done before, he started at the bottom, as a general manager in a Burger King restaurant. In less than 5 years, Manny would drive a meteoric rise from restaurant manager to Senior Global Director of a global corporation.

With his dynamic personality and contagious enthusiasm, Manny has mentored hundreds of individuals. He is not a college graduate, but has been able to combine the lessons learned from his journey with the keen insight provided by his mentors, to relish in the incredible levels of success that he has achieved, in all aspects of life.

With passion and uncompromising determination, Manny is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone he encounters. As a powerful speaker and with proven strategies to help transform lives, he captivates his audience and inspires people from all walks of life to absolutely elevate their lives, achieve their goals and reach for the stars.