The Power of Discomfort

The Secret of Becoming Successful

Do you and your organization want to be successful? If you want to be successful in your life, business or career you must first start by learning the secrets of success and begin adapting the principles that govern them. You have to understand that these principles will determine the actions and decisions that you make every day. Thus, if you do not know these success secrets, you will never produce sustainable results. Learning these principles will not only make you successful and achieve your goals but they will also help you in becoming a better version of yourself.

My teachings are based on success principles that have been researched and tested throughout history. I have learned a lot in my journey of life. I show how I moved from washing cars, to a Senior Global Executive from a large global corporation in America. I believe in sharing my knowledge and providing others with opportunities yet unknown.

Be Uncomfortable and Achieve Your Goal

“We cannot solve the problem with the same thoughts we used when we created them.”

Drawing from the concepts in his book, “The Power of Discomfort,” Manny shares experiences and strategies to help others realize professional and personal growth. In this highly competitive corporate world, organizations and leaders must be willing and able to change to stay relevant and be successful. Leaders must be able to grow and evolve, to be able to change their mindset to resolve existing problems. Great leaders are aware of the need to step out of their comfort zones and change their vision for their teams to evolve and become successful. They create clarity of purpose that allows organizations to thrive. Manny shows how to exist in a state of discomfort, to make the uncomfortable choice to achieve their goals, their example becomes a blueprint for their teams to follow. By making the uncomfortable choice, productivity increases, teams accomplish more, and results accelerate to positively impact the organization.

 Master your strengths, so others ignore your weakness

“We are the reflection of the top five people that we spend time with.”

In this presentation, Manny shows the audience how they can transform their lives by focusing on the areas that become easy for them, they can exceed their performance. Throughout the presentation, Manny teaches the concept of how you can obtain tremendous results by partnering with your weakness. Providing tools that help the audience to permanently identify their strengths and also showing how they can master it. There are three simples steps that will help the audience to learn the art of mastering the strengths.

Anything is Possible

“Your Beliefs Dictate your Actions.”

Your mind creates magic to make the impossible possible. The beautiful thing about this is that the very nature of your mind can show us that seemingly impossible things can be made to fruition. Manny highlights this concept by first accomplishing an immensely impressive feat, and follows this by walking the audience through how this seemingly impossible feat was actually achieved. Through several powerful exercises, Manny can break down the barriers that are within our minds, which hold us back from realizing truly amazing things. As cliché as it may come across, to begin with, the undeniable fact that Manny demonstrates right before our very eyes, prove that anything is indeed possible. Definitely a key finishing statement to the audience that leaves them on an extremely high note.

Never Give up your Dreams

“It’s not what happened to you that counts, it’s how you choose to respond to it.”

Misdirection is one of the most important aspects of your life. Through a personal story, Manny guides the audience through a series of life events to show them how easily one can be misled. He then takes you deep inside the psychology behind your behaviors and thoughts to show and prove to the audience that your negative beliefs, no matter what they are, do not exist. Manny will show your audiences how to overcome misdirection in life and business. With this mindset, audiences will realize that there are no limits to what they can achieve. It is only with this mindset that successful people can create momentum. Let Manny help you and your team create magic with what you do in your personal life and business.


“Unless you change, your circumstances won’t change.”

In this presentation, Manny takes you exclusively through a process which demonstrates how you are influencing different sources. He helps the audience to identify “Who is influencing their life”‘ and “How the decisions that we make every day, determine the success of the person or business”. Manny explores techniques on blocking out negative influence and gaining and maintaining a positive mindset. Making the right choices. Imagine just for a moment that you “come to work, to do the same thing” every single day for the next six months. How would that change your life? How would that change your business? In life and Business Mindset is everything.