In 2001, I came to America from the Dominican Republic as an illegal immigrant, I was homeless and working in different jobs. I had lost everything, and I moved to one of the crime cities in the country because I wanted someone to kill me.

After five years I realized I have depression, I was living with 17 other immigrants that used drugs and alcohol.

One time, I went to McDonald to have some lunch. However, when I was seating in one of the tables, a family that was next to me stood up because I was dirty and I did not look good. That was really hurting, but at that moment I realized that I needed to make some changes in my life. Suddenly I felt motivated, I don’t know why I was feeling so, but I knew I needed to change my job if I wanted to be successful, and I had to find someone to help me.

The Successful Journey Starts

Someday I was walking, and I looked at a car wash that I always passed by, but never paid attention to it. There were plenty of fancy cars there. Being an illegal immigrant, I did not know any English, but I was really determined to be successful. I did not want anyone to disrespect me again.

With my firm determination to rise above my current situation, I applied for a job at the car wash and got it. From here I started to teach myself how to speak English every day after work. I used to clean the cars exceptionally like no one else because I knew that one day someone would say,

“I only need Manny to wash my car.”

A couple of months passed. I used to talk with this guy every week but, I was too afraid to ask for help. I did try several times, but fear overcame me. One day I took the courage, and I asked for help. Sure enough, after that day my life changed.

From my humble start, I went into the fast food business and grew from there. I went from being homeless and broke, to being the CEO of a million dollar restaurant business.

Mission to Inspire others

Starting from a life full of hardship and poverty, and growing to who I am today, my life lessons show how strong determination can take you from nowhere to somewhere. I came to America with just $350 to my name, and only in a few years, I was able to grow. I have dedicated my life to developing other people.

In my rise to becoming a Senior Global Director of a wealthy organization, and being responsible for more than 1,600 restaurants in the world, I have mentored many people, and I always want to leave a positive impact in everybody I meet.

My message is to tell you that you should never be afraid to ask for help. You just never know where you may end up. If Manny Languasco could do it, so can you.

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